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What is LA Connect?

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What is LA Connect?

LA Connect provides all UK local authorities with access to their own free online information portal enabling them to effectively provide teachers, head teachers and school building managers with information linked to sustainability. Teachers access the portal using the LA Connect button on the free TeachShare hub, which recognises their login details and instantly displays any available information from the relevant council. If the local authority has not activated their free portal, the system encourages the user to invite them to make use of this great resource.

With at least 50% of most local authority carbon emissions coming from schools it is expected that most councils will focus on energy efficiency and the LA Connect portal provides an ideal platform to deliver information which will be essential if targets set within the Carbon Reduction Commitment are to be met.

LA Connect uses a simple template to enable authorised users from a local authority to upload information which is instantly made available to schools and ensures that the portal can be simply kept up to date with the minimum of effort.
Information provided to the schools can include sustainability related lesson plans, energy saving guidance, recycling information, events and news. Teachers can also upload information which can be shared by all other users in the LA Connect group.

The portal also has an option to enable the local authorities to see information that is shared between schools linked in cluster groups within their area and provides access to the groups Sustainable Schools self evaluation summary. This level of connection is subject to permission being granted by the cluster group organiser to access the information. 

Free use of LA Connect is conditional on the basis that the portal can be used for advertising products and services linked to improving resource efficiency in schools. An option is available which does not include advertising and in this case a small monthly subscription will be charged to cover administration costs.

LA Connect was developed to create an effective link between schools and their local authority with an option for both to get free access to the information using the innovative advertising solution.

In this age of austerity, innovation has been vital to ensuring that Resike has become a market leader in the field of delivering information linked to education for sustainable development.

Setup and Access Instructions for Local Authorities

You will only be able to edit the template by first registering a free TeachShare account and confirming the account using your local authority email address.

Setting up your free template

  1. Create your free TeachShare account. The new account must be confirmed using your council email address
  2. Log in to TeachShare and click on the LA Connect tab. The system will recognise your login and automatically allow you to edit your LA Connect portal
  3. Add information to the template. This can be added, edited or deleted at any time. Editing can only be undertaken by confirmed local authority staff
  4. Notify schools in your local authority that the facility is available. The system will automatically recognise schools in your council area and will provide them with access to your portal. Schools must have access to a free TeachShare account to be able to see your portal

Keep your portal up to date and invite others in the local authority to contribute to the resource

The system will only allow confirmed local authority staff to edit the template ensuring complete accountability.

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