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Product Link for Sustainable Product or Service Providers

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Product Link for Sustainable Product or Service Providers

Product Link is an information portal linked to TeachShare which can provide teachers with information about sustainable goods, services and technologies that have been, or are about to be integrated into their schools. The portal is simply accessed using the free TeachShare hub, with the system recognising the user and only showing information that is relevant to their school if it is available.

Suppliers that are specifically targeting the education sector can use the Product Link portal to create a unique online resource demonstrating a commitment to adding value to a tender bid by providing easy access to educational information linked directly to your product or service. Many organisations already provide schools with supporting information, but often teachers do not use it as they either do not know that it exists or they forget where to find the link or document. Product Link automatically connects teachers to the information available to their school by recognising their login details and providing a single access point to all resources.

Suppliers simply upload their data onto a free template and if they already have information to hand including educational resources and case studies this should take no longer than around 15 minutes. After initially populating the template, the resource can be enhanced by continually by uploading your latest information and encouraging teachers to share lesson plans and activities linked directly to your product. 

Connection fees are generally pre-agreed and rates normally vary between £50 and £100 for a 12 month link with a school. Beyond the 12 month period, schools can continue to access any resources that are available using their TeachShare Premium member’s area if they have access to this facility. 

Suppliers will have no obligation to maintain the link beyond the initial 12 month period.

To set up your Free Product Link profile, please click this link

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