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15 March 2012

Taking a short cut to help create eco area for pupils
Pupils have drawn up an action plan to transform a short cut through their school into an eco area.

Youngsters at NCHS The Science College, in Newcastle, want to create a herb garden, have benches made out of reclaimed plastic and have their own recycling centre.

They have already estimated the project will cost just over 9,000.

Now they have entered the Class Act competition, run by The Sentinel and sponsored by Barclays Money Skills, with the hope of winning 5,000 towards the cost.

Support services manager Vickie Keeling said: "We don't have a lot of grassland at the school and the area is currently only used as a way of cutting through the school.

"We want to create herb gardens and make the place more sensory.

"The children have made it clear they want to use products made from sustainable sources and lots of them are interested in getting involved."

Other money for the project could come from fund-raising events organised by pupils.

The school also believes the eco project could help to cut bills by making pupils more aware of green issues. Once completed, the final product will be managed by an eco group set up at the school.

But pupils of all ages will be involved in getting it off the ground.

Children from other schools and visitors from the community would also benefit.

Vickie added: "The whole school will be involved in the project but our community visitors will also be able to use it in the summer.

"Some of the younger pupils will be helping to put the herb gardens in and construction students in years 10 and 11 will help to build the planters.

"The good thing about it is this isn't something we have told the children they are doing. "They have come up with a lot of the ideas themselves and it is something they are very passionate about.

"The project is still in the very early stages and could take two years to complete.

"Money from Class Act would really help us to get it done sooner."

Alex Broad, aged 12, from Pool Dam, said: "The project will help us to become a green school and bring the benefits of sustainability.

"I think it will help to make our school unique and a nicer place.

"If we win money from the Class Act competition, it will make a lot of difference.

"The money will help to make our school an inspiration to others."

Children could also become involved in financial aspects of the project by being involved in budgeting.

For the full news article and to be taken to the website, click here


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